Fueling Small Businesses Across America With Industry-Tailored Credit Cards

Our customized credit cards, launched in collaboration with your industry’s professional and affinity groups, supercharge small businesses with industry-specific features, rewards, and unwavering support.

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Why Affinity Groups Collaborate

With Affiniti To Empower Their

Small Business Members

Cost Saving Rewards For Your Industry

Based on where money is being spent the most in each industry, Affiniti will create highest-in-industry cash back reward programs to help your business save on margins.

Group Purchasing Negotiation Services

On top of our plethora of cost-saving vendor discounts, our team, leveraging our massive footprint in each industry, will help broker group purchasing discounts with any vendor you work with.

No Annual Fees Nor Employee Card Fees

Feel free to get started, issue unlimited employee cards, control user permissions, and manage spend limits across your entire team without having to worry about any additional fees.

Unified Expense Management

Increase accountability by tracking expenses, memos, and receipts in our financial dashboard created with small businesses in mind. And end your monthly accounting hassle via financial reports that are one click away.

Dedicated Customer Support

Affiniti's 24/7 support and concierge service means that we will always be here to handle your financial needs, so you can focus on building your business.

Credit Lines That Fuel Your Growth

We understand that every industry has different revenue cycles. Affiniti utilizes tailored underwriting models based on your unique industry needs in order to help you access the credit needed to meet your business goals.