E-Sign Policy

Affiniti Finance, Inc. together with its affiliates (”Affiniti”) signs and processes signatures and consents electronically on affiniti.finance or other sites run by Affiniti that link to this Policy (the “Site”) and Affiniti’s card platform or any of our other websites, networks, applications, web dashboards, or other Services provided by Affiniti that link to this Policy (collectively, the ”Affiniti Service”). Except as provided herein, Affiniti will not send you paper correspondence; if you do not agree to this Policy, you may not use the Affiniti Service. This Policy is not intended to preempt any applicable law that requires physical signatures, nor will Affiniti send documents for electronic consent, notice, or signature that require notarization or other in-person signature methods. By accepting this Policy, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to the use of electronic records and signatures as outlined herein.

Electronic Signature and Electronic Notices Consent

We are required by law, regulation or Agreement to give you certain information ”in writing.” With your consent, we will provide information to you through electronic delivery. Electronic delivery includes, but is not limited to, the transmission of information via email, posting the information on our website, via secure online portals, or other electronic means.

We also need your general consent to use electronic records and signatures in our relationship with you. By agreeing to this Policy, you acknowledge that your electronic signature on Agreements and documents holds the same legal weight as if you had physically signed a paper document using ink.

For all notices related to your accounts and Services with us, you agree that we may:

(i) Provide notices solely in electronic form, and
(ii) Use and obtain electronic signatures from you, unless and until you withdraw your consent as described in the sections below.

This Policy applies to all notices for all accounts and Services, except to the extent it conflicts with the Terms and Conditions of a separate electronic disclosure and consent related to specific accounts and Services. ”Notices” include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • All disclosures, whether legal, regulatory, or otherwise, that pertain to your account or the Services we provide;
  • All statements issued periodically for your account or the Services we provide;
  • Any and all additional documents relevant to your account or the Services we offer, including Agreements, amendments, account opening documentation, fee schedules, fee arrangements, billing statements, policies, procedures (including our Privacy Policy), Terms and Conditions, authorizations, updates, notifications (including notifications of fee changes), responses to claims, and transaction history;
  • Any documents related to the management and administration of your accounts or the Services we offer;
  • Marketing materials; and
  • Any other document or other information required to be provided "in writing" or that we otherwise provide to you, or that you sign or submit or agree to at our request, in connection with your relationship with us.

This authorization pertains to the present transaction as well as all subsequent transactions involving Patriot Bank, N.A. and Affiniti (jointly referred to as "We"). It's important to underscore that this Agreement pertains to all notices provided to you, even in scenarios where you have not successfully secured approval for a card or to access our Services.

Requirements For Accessibility

In order to access Affiniti Notices, you must possess and confirm the availability of the following requirements:

  • A mobile device that runs the most recent version of the Apple iOS or Android operating system, with the capability to receive text messages or a computer, tablet, or similar device equipped with a current web browser that supports 128-bit encryption, such as the latest major releases of Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Edge.
  • Functional internet access and connectivity on your electronic or mobile devices.
  • The capacity to view files in the Portable Document Format (PDF).
  • An active email address capable of receiving emails from Affiniti (if you utilize a spam filter, you must ensure that Affiniti's email address is added to your contacts).
  • Adequate storage space for storing notices or the ability to print the notices as needed.

If our hardware or software requirements change, and that change would create a material risk that you would not be able to access or retain electronic notices, we will provide you with notice of the revised hardware or software requirements.

How To Update Your Records

It is your responsibility to provide us with a genuine, precise, and comprehensive email address, mobile telephone numbers (if furnished), and any other details pertinent to this Policy and your accounts. Additionally, it is your obligation to ensure the timely updating of any alterations to this information by sending an email to without delay.

Your use of the Services may be limited, suspended, or terminated if you do not maintain accurate contact information or if we cannot verify your identity. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any processing errors or fees incurred if you do not provide accurate account or contact information.

How To Withdraw Consent

If at any time you wish to withdraw your consent, you can send us your request by emailing .

Should you opt to withdraw your consent, it's imperative to understand that the legal standing, legitimacy, or enforceability of earlier Electronic Notices will remain unaffected. As a result of your withdrawal of consent, your account will be closed, and you will be obliged to settle any outstanding dues in accordance with the stipulations of your Agreement. During this period, you will continue to receive electronic statements until the entire balance has been settled.

Changes to Policy

We may add, delete or change the terms of this Policy at any time. We will inform you of changes when legally required and will try to inform you of the nature of any material changes even when not legally required to do so. We may communicate changes by either mail, email or a notice on our website and will make the updated terms available on our website. You agree that by continuing to use the Services after the date that changes are posted to our website, such changes will be effective after that date of the change, whether or not you access the website or otherwise receive actual notice of the changes. If you do not agree with a change, you may discontinue using the Services.

How to receive paper copies of Affiniti Notices

You should not expect to receive a paper copy of any notices unless you request it, or if we are unable to deliver your notices electronically. You can obtain a paper copy of any notice by printing it yourself or by requesting that we mail you a paper copy, provided that such request is made per the instructions below, and within 180 days after we first provide the notice to you electronically. It is important to note that if you do request for a notice to be mailed to you in paper copy, forthcoming notices will still persist to be electronically communicated unless you explicitly indicate otherwise.

If you wish to obtain a mailed rendition of a Notice that was previously dispatched to you electronically, kindly get in touch with our customer service team at . We will evaluate your request, and apply a fee of $20 for each document sought in mailed, paper form. This fee is mutually acknowledged as a reasonable approximation of the expenses incurred in generating and dispatching such paper notice(s).

If you wish to obtain a mailed rendition of a Notice that was previously dispatched to you electronically, kindly get in touch with our customer service team at support@affiniti.finance. We will evaluate your request, and apply a fee of $20 for each document sought in mailed, paper form. This fee is mutually acknowledged as a reasonable approximation of the expenses incurred in generating and dispatching such paper notice(s).

Other Rules

You acknowledge and agree that your consent to this E-Sign Consent is provided in connection with a transaction affecting interstate commerce, that it is subject to the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (the "E-SIGN Act"), and that you and we both intend that the E-SIGN Act apply to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Through your consent to electronic delivery, you express your understanding that forthcoming notifications will not be furnished as hard copies unless explicitly requested, as discussed earlier in this Policy. It is recommended to retain a duplicate of this declaration along with all other communications for your own personal records.

For any questions about this Agreement, please contact us at .