Online Servicing Policy

This Online Servicing Agreement (the “Agreement”) governs all payments you initiate on any website or online application that links to this Agreement and is provided by Affiniti and Patriot Bank, N.A. (together with Affiniti, “We” or “us”). All capitalized terms not defined or clarified in this Agreement have the meanings given to them in the Affiniti Finance, Inc Terms of Service.

We suggest you read this document carefully and save a copy for your reference. Please be advised that other restrictions may also apply, as outlined in the Cardholder Agreement, Terms and Conditions, E-Sign Consent, and Privacy Policy, which can all be accessible at .

If the terms and conditions of this Agreement conflict with the Terms and Conditions contained in any additional Agreement solely as they apply to online payment services, this Agreement shall control; provided, that the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement are not intended to modify any disclosures or other Terms that are required by law and that are provided by Affiniti Finance, Inc. in an additional Agreement.

Payments Authorization and Processing

You authorize Affiniti or our agents to commence an electronic transfer, such as an automated clearing house (ACH) or alternative debit transaction, from the external bank account you designate, for the specified amount and on the date you initiated or scheduled the payment. You agree that such requests constitute (i) your authorization to make the transfers, (ii) your attestation that you are an authorized signer on or have legal authorization to access the bank account you specified, and (iii) your attestation that the designated bank account was established and is used for business purposes and not for personal, family or household purposes.

After the successful processing of your online payment, your available credit may not reflect the recent payment amount until up to 5 business days following the payment being successfully processed. Payments made during weekends or on federal banking holidays will be processed on the next business day, but you will be credited for the payment on the initiation date. Please keep in mind that all payments are subject to further verification.

One Time Payments

You will not be permitted to schedule or make payments for amounts greater than the then current balance on your account. Upon the initiation of a payment, any subsequent modification thereof shall be prohibited; however, the option to terminate said payment is available in accordance with the provisions delineated within the Correction and Cancellation section of this Agreement.

For same-day online payments, please be aware that the cut-off time is 8:00 pm Eastern Time. This means that if we successfully process your payment by this time, your account will be credited as of that same calendar day, based on Eastern Time, on which we received your payment request

Automatic Payments

When you enable AutoPay, you give us authorization to initiate payments automatically at any time from the bank account you specified. You can enable AutoPay online in Affiniti’s web application anytime. Unless you select weekly AutoPay, AutoPay will start automatically making payments in the immediate next billing period following initial setup. For example, if you just enabled AutoPay during a billing period and have a payment due in that current billing period, you will need to make a one-time payment to cover that statement. But if you enabled AutoPay during a statement period, your Autopay will be enabled for that statement period’s billing period. If you select weekly AutoPay, it will be enabled immediately.

Unless you select weekly AutoPay, your selected autopay amount will begin processing 1 business day after each statement closing date. If you selected weekly AutoPay, it will process your full outstanding account balance at 2:00 pm Eastern Time every Friday.

Your authorization for all types of AutoPay will remain in effect until you disable AutoPay. You can disable all types of AutoPay or amend your Autopay settings any day by 2:00 pm Eastern Time for it to be effective 14 business days after you disabled or amended it. It is your responsibility to cancel or edit any AutoPay settings associated with an external bank account that you have closed, plan to close, or do not have enough funds to cover the scheduled payment. Even if there may still be pending payments, or payments that have not yet cleared your account, it is your responsibility to maintain the account and account balance long enough for the payments to clear.

Data Security

You acknowledge and agree to the potential lack of security when you are opting to employ a wireless connection to utilize our Services. Consequently, when you are utilizing a wireless connection to access our Services, you assume the full liability and risk of unauthorized individuals gaining access to both the Services themselves and any information that may be contained within it. You also agree to take on complete responsibility for any risks associated with unauthorized third parties accessing any data that you download or store on your device. You acknowledge that downloading account information is done at your own risk, and you accept full responsibility for any harm that may be done to the electronic device you use to download the information, as well as for any data loss or corruption that may result from the downloading or storage of the information on an electronic device.

When you: (i) use wireless connections to access the Services or download your account information, in which case you acknowledge that such a connection may allow other people to access the information being downloaded, or (ii) grant other people access to your wireless access device, we are not liable for the security and confidentiality of the information.

Changes to Agreement

We may add, delete or change the terms of this Agreement at any time. We will inform you of changes when legally required and will try to inform you of the nature of any material changes even when not legally required to do so. We may communicate changes by either mail, email or a notice on our website and will make the updated terms available on our website. You agree that by continuing to use the Services after the date that changes are posted to our website, such changes will be effective for transactions made after that date, whether or not you access the website or otherwise receive actual notice of the changes. If you do not agree with a change, you may discontinue using the Services.

Correction and Cancellation

If there is an error in processing an electronic transfer, you authorize us to correct the error by initiating an electronic transfer to the account in the amount of such error on or after the date such error occurs. If you make a typographical or similar error in providing us with information about the account, you authorize us to correct the error upon receiving corrected information from you or your financial institution. It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of any information that you enter, and you will be responsible for any amount owed and paid even if you make an error. You are responsible for informing us as soon as possible if you become aware that any information you entered is inaccurate.

We will honor payment cancellation requests to the best of our ability if the request is made at least 5 business days before the payment was scheduled for in the future. However, for various reasons, we may not be able to honor all requests. We are not liable for failing to cancel or correct a payment once you schedule it or initiate it, and agree to it. Additionally, we are not responsible for damages and losses resulting from payment information that is entered erroneously by you. Therefore, you should not schedule or make a payment unless you are satisfied that you will not need to cancel the payment.

Should an electronic transfer be rejected for any reason, you grant us authorization to re-initiate the transfer as many times as is permissible by ACH network rules and regulations, without subsequent notification to you. Furthermore, you agree that we are under no obligation to reinitiate any rejected transfer.

Other Rules

You understand and agree that this Agreement and debits made hereunder are subject to applicable law and card network rules, including the National Automated Clearing House Association Rules and you agree to abide by such applicable law, network rules, and National Automated Clearing House Association Rules.

You understand that your financial institution may impose fees in connection with rejected debits, and you agree that we do not have any liability to you for such fees. Additionally, you may be subject to returned payment fees based on your Cardholder Agreement (please see your Cardholder Agreement for more details).

For any questions about this Agreement, please contact us at .